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Founded in 1835, Havas Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups, with over 700 agencies and 20,000 people across 100+ countries. It is made up of three main business units:


  • Havas Creative – creative excellence
  • Havas Media – setting the standard for media expertise
  • Havas Health & You – a global leader in healthcare communication


Havas Group’s mission is to be the world’s best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands through creativity, media, and innovation.


Business Need

Havas Group was engaged in building a global talent development offering, focusing on:


  • Mobility
  • Talent acquisition
  • CSR
  • Performance management
  • Human capital management
  • Diversity
  • Leadership development
  • Employer brand
  • Engagement


Havas was in search of learning and development partners to enhance their global talent development programmes in both programme design and execution. Lumina Learning became a very trusted partner.


Participants in a talent development programme



Lumina Learning Solution


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Havas Group have used Lumina Learning tools in their NextGen program, corporate social responsibility projects, and Femmes Forward program.


The NextGen program is an intensive Executive Leadership Development program that develops Havas Group’s future leaders through three modules, each supported by a different Lumina Learning tool – Lumina Spark, Lumina Emotion, and Lumina Leader 360.


  1. Leading your personal development
  2. Team and strategic business leadership
  3. Leading in a disruptive and ever-changing environment


Lumina Learning tools are used in corporate social responsibility projects to help:


  • People get to know each other quickly
  • Understand team strengths
  • Learn leadership styles
  • Provide a core learning opportunity


The Femmes Forward program was designed for women in Senior Manager / New Director roles who have around 7-8 years of professional experience. These women are performing well in their current roles and are poised to advance to the next stage of their careers. Femmes Forward was designed to grow and develop women within the organisation and ultimately accelerate the progression of their careers. Lumina Learning tools are used as the foundational base of the programme, helping the women to get in touch with who they are as leaders. The programme was piloted in London and New York. With proven success metrics, Femmes Forward is currently running in Paris, and will continue to expand to Havas Group’s Asia Pacific and Latin American markets.


With the success of Havas Group’s talent programmes such as NextGen and Femmes Forward, many senior Havas leaders have seen firsthand the benefits of Lumina Spark, with some even working on a Lumina Spark programme for their fellow CEOs in order to improve their communication with one another.


With many global talent development programmes using Lumina Learning tools, Havas Group has even begun to qualify some of their own HR leaders in Lumina Spark so that they can run local debriefs and act as inhouse facilitators to support programme graduates, as well as other employees.


As NextGen and Femmes Forward programmes continue each year, Havas Group is also building a cadre of external Lumina-qualified facilitators around the world who understand the needs of the company and the people within Havas, and who can partner with them to design and implement new programmes.


People participating in a talent development programme




Within eight weeks of completing the initial rollout of the Femmes Forward programme, five of the women were promoted.


A survey of NextGen program participants reported that:


  • 96% discovered leadership approaches that they could implement with their team, agency, or clients
  • 98% felt they would be able to apply learnings from their Lumina Spark assessments
  • 100% found their Lumina Spark assessment to be valuable



People participating in a talent development programme




“I am definitely a better leader and manager since I returned…. I am getting better results from the people I work with.” – NextGen Program Participant


“Really great tactics that I feel confident and excited to start using immediately.” – NextGen Program Participant


“I feel like the Lumina assessment and the corresponding work is invaluable. Being able to truly evaluate strengths and weaknesses is the key to growth, and we rarely get time to spend on ourselves.” – NextGen Program Participant


Watch video testimonials from NextGen participants:




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PLEASE NOTE: Lumina Learning’s relationship with Havas is managed by Lumina Learning Partner Rebecca Bales. Havas is not interested in receiving unsolicited offers of support directly from individual Lumina Learning Practitioners. If you would like more information about Lumina Learning’s work with Havas, or would like to help support this work, please get in touch with Rebecca Bales by email to RebeccaBales@luminalearning.com.

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