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Complete a Lumina Learning qualification programme, become a certified Lumina Practitioner and deliver your own Lumina Learning solutions.

Why choose a Virtual Qualification?

Virtual Blended Qualification Dates


Available in multiple time zones to suit your needs wherever you live.


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Reasons to go virtual

When you choose to go virtual, you unlock many benefits:


  • Learn to deliver virtual solutions with skill, confidence and competence – enabling you to impact more people more quickly in a practical and sustainable way
  • Respond to your clients’ changing needs with a tailored solution from the Lumina Ecosystem
  • Learn how to virtualise your current selection and development solutions – bespoke designed for organisations transforming themselves virtually
  • Experience how a well-designed blended programme can improve learning and retention
  • Bring staff from different offices and geographies together through a shared experience
  • Zero travel costs, a reduced carbon footprint and a more time-efficient experience

We are a virtual organisation ourselves with offices in all continents of the world, so the opportunity to flexibly schedule key staff onto any of the weekly qualifications, without all the normal hassle and cost of travel is a godsend

Bert Uitterlinden

CEO Excis, London - Dubai - Shanghai - Mexico

I must admit to being sceptical about virtual delivery of what I’ve always perceived to be content that works so well face-to-face. However, the virtual delivery is just absolutely stunning and provided me with an unexpected benefit in the extra reflection possible using the fun apps on the learning experience platform.

Andrew Jones

Independent Consultant, Stonehenge, UK

Having just completed my virtual Lumina Spark Qualification, in all my years, I have never learned so much in such a short time. Lumina has gone the extra mile to make virtual learning personal, engaging and truly interactive.

Pri Notowidigdo

Commissioner, CIMB Niaga Bank, Indonesia

Who is it for?

Lumina Learning's products speak to everyone. People who have become qualified Lumina Practitioners include: HR Professionals, Recruitment Specialists, L&D Facilitators, Organisational Development Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, Psychologists, and many more.

Organisations that use our products include: national and multi-national corporates, consultancies and professional services firms, national and local government, law enforcement and emergency services, health and academic institutions, non-profit and charitable bodies, Olympic and national sports teams, and a multitude of diverse youth groups.

Where do I start?

Often the journey starts with becoming Lumina Spark Qualified. Lumina Spark is the foundational layer you build upon when becoming qualified in other tools. Yet, some have found great success in jumping in with one of our other tools directly. Contact us for your individual training advice.

Lumina Learning Practitioner Qualification Programme

We have two types of Practitioner business model, dependent on your needs.

Client Practitioner
For those who provide solutions within their own organisations. You may do so globally, and we will share with you how to create innovative Lumina Learning solutions, based on our digital resources.
Business Practitioner
For consultancies and individuals who provide solutions to other organisations.

We don't restrict you by geography or organisation. You will become certified to provide Lumina Learning solutions to any type of organisation in any country.

Lumina Learning Qualifications

Our Qualifications are designed to be highly interactive courses to give you the knowledge and the skills you need to be successful from day one. They include in-person and virtual training which prepares and qualifies Lumina Practitioners to deliver our programmes. As a participant you will learn and experience best practices in group facilitation and assessment with Lumina Learning products.

You will leave with the knowledge, experience, and support needed to deliver inspirational interventions and helpful assessments. Once you are qualified as a Lumina Practitioner, you join a community of Practitioners, run by a Lumina Learning Partner or Strategic Alliance, which will provide you with the support and guidance to successfully implement all you've learnt.

What you get:

An inspirational, interactive learning experience plus follow-on activities to help you get started
A significant personal and professional development experience in a safe environment
Full explanations of the science and design principles behind Lumina Learning's products
Experience of delivering the product
A personal action plan and free portraits to get you started
Free facilitation guides, resources and materials
Your login to the Lumina Learning platform to create, customise and manage your own projects
On-going support, including access to webinars and meetings featuring ideas, business support and system updates

See our global network

Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.
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My favourite thing about working with Lumina Learning is it’s very positive, strengths-based. It’s very inclusive. I have used tools in the past like MBTI, like Insights, and what I’ve always found is that when you debrief, at some point people will focus on the negative. There isn’t a negative I think with Lumina Learning. It’s all very much about what your strengths are and how you can actually develop those strengths and how you can dial up and dial down your different behaviours. As well as that, working with the team at Lumina Learning has been a really positive experience because you know you always have their support there.

Nichola McCaig

Role Development Lead, PwC Augment and Operate